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Money Tidbits

April 17th, 2013 at 07:15 pm

While I was at the gym today, I thought if one ever needed to lower their water bill that showering at the gym would help. Of course, that assumes you have access to a gym and that it wouldn't be costing you MORE to shower there.

I completed a Pinecone survey on a item that I got to try at home. I was required to return it by mail. I expect I will get compensated in the next week, after they have received it. That will go to the snowflakes for Christmas.

I got a quote on flood insurance. Coverage for our home was $458 per year. It said we were a medium risk for flooding. This town is actually recovering from a major flood from almost 5 years ago. We are not in a flood plain, but when it rains the water is quick to fill up in low lying areas...including a mini stream through our back yard. Not sure that we need the insurance, but at least I know what it might cost.

We are still waiting to hear about my husband's promotion. It could be another two months before we know, but I sure would like to know sooner than later!

I made a conscious effort to make all my long distance phone calls on my cell phone last month. Didn't even go over the limit. Easy. Except for people calling me, it does make me think that I could go to cell service entirely. At one time, I was interested in fiber optic phone service through Ooma. It is a significant upfront cost of over $150. Of course, this would be recouped with lower bills. We will definitely spend more by keeping our land line. Why it is so hard to cut the cord on a land line?

I plan to list at least two items on Ebay Sunday. One is a DVD set for a tv show. We bought it used on Ebay earlier this year and I expect I can sell it at the same price I bought it at. With the fees, I will recoup only part of that, but most is better than none. This show is now on Netflix if we decide to watch the episodes again.

I had considered taking four hour road trip this weekend, but decided there will be plenty of those trips coming up this summer for a graduation and a birthday. I decided we better stay home and save the cost of fuel and snacks. We do have some things to get done around the house.

I hope to earn another $25 PayPal fund from Swagbucks by the end of the month. I'm at 1336, so just need another 1164 in the next 13 days. That should be no problem.

Oh, the big money news, is that we saved $307 this pay period. We put it in our savings account. I would have liked to have saved more, but the storm door and our anniversary outing did dip into those extra funds we had. I'll take the three hundred and be grateful!

That the money news from here. I'll be back tomorrow...if I don't get washed away in all this rain!

2 Responses to “Money Tidbits”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    It's been so long since I've had a landline ... but I can understand why it would be hard to let go of it. Using Ooma would at least let you keep some of the aspects of having a landline, such as talking on a regular phone instead of your cell phone.

  2. snafu Says:

    We tracked our use of land line for a month and discovered we didn't use the service very much. We cancelled knowing it could be re-instated in moments if it were missed. The one issue with cell phone is that I must consciously take it to various rooms or it will be in the kitchen while I've gone downstairs to the family rm. I bought a second plug in so that I can continue my routine of plugging it in overnight in the bedrm and if necessary plug it in downstairs.

    We seem to communicate a lot via text to out of town and out of country family, friends and colleagues. I just learned yesterday as a result of the horror of Boston calamity, that in an emergency situation, phone coverage is overwhelmed and text service is more reliable and the preferred communication. In our experience, there was less opportunity for mistakes or communication barriers.

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