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February Snowflake Total

February 28th, 2013 at 07:25 am

February was a good month for Snowflakes primarily because of http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/creditcardfree. I earned $75 in cash and Amazon.com gift cards from that site alone. That is the best month I have ever had. I will admit I was on the site a little more than usual. The weather just made me want to stay in and cozy up with the computer.

My Snowflake Christmas fund balance for the year is $191.07. At this point I am ahead of schedule on my $750 goal, which makes me happy!

I have three items up for sale on Ebay this week. I am happy to report that one item has a bid, so it will sell. The other two have people watching.

Any news ways your have found for earning snowflakes this month? I'm interested in new ideas.

1 Responses to “February Snowflake Total”

  1. Beawealthywarrior Says:

    Nice job, one of my items has a bid on it as well.

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