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Investigating Phone Switch

February 24th, 2013 at 10:18 am

When we moved in July, I signed up for internet, a land line and the minimum basic television service. Our internet service is fast (fiber optic I think) and could probably be downgraded. However, I'm thinking I will probably drop the land line instead. We get more calls from telemarketers on that phone than anything.

We use the internet all the time. We have three laptops, two Nooks, a Wii and a Blue Ray player that can all access the internet. It is nice that we don't have to lose connectivity to one device when someone is streaming a video or movie.

We currently pay $29.74 for our land line. This includes all the taxes. I'm thinking I will invest in a VoIP phone/router as a land line alternative. There will likely be an upfront cost of $50-$150 depending on the set up we go with. We will still owe taxes just under $4 a month. We would break even in 6 month or less.

My husband uses VoIP at work and never has any issues. When he calls me the connection is completely clear. I can't tell any difference.

I suppose I should cancel it and try to go without a land line while I'm investigating the switch. That would save the most money!

I don't have a huge need to keep the same phone number. It is so new, not too many people have the number. Most friends and relatives have our cell phone numbers which we did not change. If I desired to switch the number it would likely cost about $40.

So tell me do you still have a land line? If not, how does it work for you? Does anyone have the VoIP and how is that going?

10 Responses to “Investigating Phone Switch”

  1. MonkeyMama Says:

    We have VOIP through our fiber optic internet provider. It's fine. IT's identical to a landline, to me. We have always kept the "landline" because it is so inexpensive here (like $10/month). Even ATT was only like $10/month, last time we had a traditional landline. {I understand it varies, as I have a friend 20 miles away who swore could not get landline under $30/month. But these days there is also magic jack and other options}.

  2. PNW mom Says:

    We gave up our landline last year and haven't missed it a bit (or the monthly payment)The biggest thing is just making sure our cell phones are always charged.

  3. just me Says:

    I am currently researching voip service and the ooma looks good. What co-op are you looking at?

  4. just me Says:

    Co-op = Voip. (Darn auto correct)

  5. creditcardfree Says:

    @justme, I'm look at Ooma, too. Also Obihai that works with Google Voice. I'm in the very early stages of investigating, so any info you want to share would be welcome.

  6. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I haven't had a landline since 2006?? Of course, I'm single so it may be different for a family.

  7. patientsaver.com Says:

    i have a landline and i hate it. despite having signed up for do not call list, i still get telemarketers and robo calls. I hate it!!

    I was going to investigate magic jack but haven't gotten around to it. I'm also worried i couldn't get the thing to work right as i'm technically inept.

  8. Carolina Girl Says:

    We just ditched our landline a few weeks ago and do not miss it in the least. The only calls we got were political, telemarketers and the local blood bank. We will be saving around $28.00 a month now. That's $28.00 a month that can be utilized much better now. Good luck on your decision.

  9. Baby_nurse Says:

    I'm jealous. Our no frills landline runs us nearly $60/month with taxes. I'm looking at investing in Ooma (I think that's how it's spelled). My biggest concern is that once in a great while we need to send a fax. I'm not sure of any VOIP services that can do that.

  10. just me Says:

    We just purchased the Ooma Telo and I will follow up next week to let you know how set up goes. If it goes as well as I read, I should have no problem. Smile

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