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Agh! Frustrated Filing Taxes

February 12th, 2013 at 03:23 pm

It shouldn't be this hard. E filing taxes. Unfortunately, I think I know too much and know these companies I'm using are doing it wrong!! Ugh.

I'm attempting to efile using HR Block Free File available to us because we are military. I linked up to it through militaryonesource.com. I get to nearly the last portion to efile before I can actually view the forms. Everything looks great. Except. Except I see the system is going to have me send in by snail mail Form 8283, which are the non cash donations we are itemizing. I have never had to snail mail this form in. I only have one page...not six or something crazy.

Now, I should probably just do what they want and go for it. It is only the cost of the stamp, since we can efile federal and state for free. Of course, it is also suggested I sent it certified mail to have confirmation they receive the form by the tax filing deadline.

My other options?

I tried TaxSlayer also. They are also free from military. The issue I have with them is that I cannot add in our nontaxable income for figuring in our sales tax deduction. That makes for a smaller refund of $15.

I could try Turbo Tax, also free for Federal only. I haven't entered anything with them yet, so there could be errors lurking there too. I have used them in the past and things have always gone well. The state return is $36.99!!! I could snail mail the state return for the cost of the stamp. We are already even with the state...we don't owe and we will not get a refund.

Are your tax filings going better than mine? Any ideas why I'm running into problems with HR Block and there snail mail plan? Should I just snail mail the state return?

5 Responses to “Agh! Frustrated Filing Taxes”

  1. Looking Forward Says:

    For several years now I have been using freetaxusa.com. I love it. Free fed and $10 for state. Maybe it'll work out for you? Good luck. Smile

  2. scfr Says:

    Well crap - Turbo Tax is telling me that I'm going to have to snail mail in our Federal tax return because we had a distribution from our HSA without making any contributions. The reason we made no contributions is because we know longer have an HDHP because I started getting medical insurance through my employer in 2011. If this is an IRS rule, it may mean that we have to send our return by snail mail every year until our HSA runs out which is probably going to be a LOOOOONG time. Crap! I'm telling you this because sometimes "misery loves company." Sorry for your frustration. Sorry for mine too. OK - Pity party over! Back to work.

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    scfr, glad to know I'm not the only one annoyed with the taxes this year. I'm going to look at ours again tomorrow and see if I can find another option. It's a bit funny we are irritated about mailing something...but it is the IRS, I don't want them to lose anything I would mail in!

  4. scfr Says:

    ccf - I just finished mine and will mail it in soon (I owe a bit so am not in a hurry). When I got to the end of the Turbo Tax process there was a screen asking if I wanted to donate to Operation Home Front to benefit military families. TT is matching donations up to $1M total. Thought that may make you feel a tiny bit better. Smile
    And yes, it is funny that we are grousing about having to use snail mail. Remember when we ALL snail-mailed and the local media used to report on the long lines at the post office just before midnight on the 15th???

  5. creditcardfree Says:

    scfr - Nice to know TT is pro military! Thanks for letting me know. Yes, I do remember those lines at the post office reports. I also remember all the tax forms at the library and the post office, know you can't find those. You have to print your own forms.

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