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Last Day for $10 Target Gift Card

December 15th, 2012 at 09:00 pm

Today is the last day this week you can spend $50 at Target and receive a $10 Target gift card. You can get your coupons

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I spent $50 yesterday buying toiletries, candy and alcohol. The candy and alcohol are Christmas gifts. I used $40 in previously obtained gift cards to help cover the gift portions!

Today we bought a Wii game, a furnace filter, and more groceries. We spent $55 and received another $10 gift card when I gave them the coupon. I used $20 in Target gift cards to cover the game we purchased since it is a gift.

At this point I still have about $30 in Target gift cards in my wallet. We may swing back up to Target tonight to get more of our groceries, since I would need to get there by tomorrow for the week anyway! Might as well take advantage of the gift card deal while we can.

Have fun shopping at Target and don't forget to check the clearance aisles for great deals on gifts!

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