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Snowflakes and Festivities

December 8th, 2012 at 03:21 pm

The $25 PayPal cash arrived in my account two days ago. That was the last redemption of 2012 for me with Swagbucks, since I'm taking a break for the Christmas holiday. I have yet to move it to our bank account. I think I will leave it there for now.

I have been participating in the Smoothie Challenge. My goal is 15 smoothies this month. So far, I've had three. I need to stock up on more greens today so I can make more!

I have spent all of my gift cards earned from Swagbucks. I actually had to pay for something out of pocket yesterday! That hasn't happened for months. I'm definitely grateful for those earnings.

I received a $10 Target gift card yesterday when I spent over $50 at Target. The offer expires today and you can print a coupon

Text is here. and Link is
here. I'm going to be using another coupon today to get another one. I might just use these gift cards rather than saving them for next year. We shop Target for groceries, so I expect that we will have extra holiday food expenses and that the gift cards will be helpful in that regard. Or maybe a couple extra stocking stuffers. Either way we will use them. Keep your eyes open for other offers from Target. They did several of these type of deals last year.

Today I will print out the gift cards I earned on Swagbucks that I will be giving as gifts. I will put them in an envelope and have my artistic daughter put a little festive something on the envelope. My nieces and nephews always appreciate cash or gift cards.

I could just about start wrapping, but I will wait until more of my packages arrive. I will use wrapping paper and gift bags I have on hand. We have plenty. The only thing I may need to buy is tape.

I hope to end our evening today with all the lights out except the tree, listen to our favorite Christmas music and drink some hot chocolate by our fireplace. Are you doing anything festive to enjoy the season?

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  1. Beawealthywarrior Says:

    I'm heading to Target today as well.

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