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Getting Ebay Listings Ready

September 16th, 2012 at 10:24 pm

I'm getting several more items ready to list on ebay this evening. I have found the boxes, envelopes and packing materials. I have taken pictures. I have weighed the items. I'm even charging a battery on one of them!

I never did get any items up on craigslist this weekend. Darn...the next three weekends are going to be busy too! Band competitions are about to become our world. Smile I may still get the items up tonight.

Just checked on the listing that has yet to sell tonight and see someone is now watching it. Only three hours left. If it doesn't sell I'm going to relist and lower the price.

While I was researching ebay sales, I saw that there is a seller called jenniferscollegefund. Clever. And a nice way to focus where that money goes, too. Want to share your ebay name, or tell a clever one you have seen?

1 Responses to “Getting Ebay Listings Ready”

  1. Jerry Says:

    My eBay name is a combo of my future profession and my Ghanian tribal name (if I were Ghanian, which I'm not) for "He Who Was Born On Monday." Nothing too exciting, but a little different anyway!

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