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Going to the Vet

September 12th, 2012 at 04:06 pm

My youngest (age 5) kitty is going to the vet this afternoon. That is her in the sidebar picture. She's not using the litter box, but my dirty laundry to pee in! Ugh. I cleaned out the litter box, and removed the top, she's now going in there every few minutes, but I'm not seeing much of anything there.

I'm guessing a UTI. She has a 2pm appointment with her new vet...who works just three doors down from our house. I'm thinking of walking her there on the leash, but probably won't since she isn't used to long leash walks...just a lap or two around in the yard really. Instead she will need to get in her kennel. Not that she will like that.

Fingers crossed she heals well and that the fee is inexpensive. Smile

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