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Ordered Blinds

July 9th, 2012 at 03:35 pm

Our new house is actually new. We are the first owners. Therefore, there are zero window coverings. We currently have sheets taped up to the windows for privacy in the bedrooms.

We purchased faux wood blinds for a few of our windows at our previous home. We really liked them. While we were waiting to get into the house, we ordered samples, so we could decide on a color right away.

We ordered blinds for 11 windows from in a chestnut color that matches the woodwork in our house. One window is very large and required an additional charge to ship. It is actually three blinds on one headrail, too.

Our total order was $908. It seems like a lot, but seems pretty reasonable for 11 blinds, with many of them being large. No regrets on that purchase. I think any bigger purchases will wait several weeks while we get settled and used to the space we are in.

Everything is out of moving boxes. I'm thinking of attempting to sell them on craigslist. We are not centrally located in town, so it may be a long shot. I will inventory those and put up an ad this week. If they don't get bought, I will have the moving company pick them up to free up the space.

When you move do you use a moving company or pack yourself? Where do you get your moving boxes? Do you pay for them or find them for free?

5 Responses to “Ordered Blinds”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    I've seen people offering moving boxes on Freecycle and they seem to get taken quickly. Personally, I still like the idea of grocery store banana boxes.

  2. MonkeyMama Says:

    Reminds me, I think we spent about $1000 to order blinds for our home (also new). We "ordered" the home before it was built so it was an upgrade we chose. We waffled on it a bit - I think because it was a more expensive upgrade, and one we could DIY. (If everything else is just getting a higher quality choice to the standard than everything else didn't cost as much as an extra extra like blinds which would not be installed otherwise).

    Anyway, I remember being glad all those 15 windows had blinds when we moved in. I totally understand why that would be a priority! Beforehand I thought it was silly to spend that much on blinds, but quickly appreciated it.

  3. MissAngel Says:

    I mostly get my moving boxes from work (office paper boxes are awesome). But I used to work for a grocery store and we would save banana boxes for people to use to move with. I have used a moving company before, but I always packed my own boxes. I just needed the muscle. Wink
    I know what you mean about a new house needing blinds. We moved in two years ago and still haven't gotten blinds. We can't find any we like for our huge window in the living room. It's only one of two windows that face towards the road--the others face toward trees. We keep looking though!

  4. Beawealthywarrior Says:

    If you went thru website you would get 4% cash back from your purchase. That's $36 in snowflakes for doing your shopping as usual. You can check it out on my side bar as well.

  5. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Every time I've moved I've used a combination of boxes from grocery stores, liquor stores and boughten boxes. I've always packed my own boxes (or had friends/family help), but twice I paid for guys to load/unload the truck while the other times I had helpers that I paid in pizza and cold water. Smile

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