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Another Gift Card!

June 29th, 2012 at 06:21 pm

I was able to snag another $5 Amazon gift card for the month of June from Swagbucks. This extra time in the hotel is worth something! Smile

I used some of my free time to call all the utilities and services we will have at our new home. I actually have to put a deposit down with our city for water. They require this for all new customers. It will get credited/refunded back after 12 months of on time payments. A little irritating considering we are always on time with our bills. But it tends to be part of the moving process. Smile

DH submitted his travel voucher with the Army. Fingers crossed he submitted it correctly. He wasn't too confident unfortunately. Hopefully, that money will arrive soon.

We definitely have lots of things we want to buy as we establish ourselves in our new home. We will just go all out and get it all done right away or try to cash flow it a bit. Undecided on that part. We just need to keep our heads out of the sand and make good financial decisions.

Closing on our home is Monday!! Everything seems to be on track for that to happen just as originally scheduled. The movers may not bring our things until after the holiday. It will all work out. We are definitely ready to be in our new home!

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  1. ceejay74 Says:

    Nice! I've really got to try and get into Swagbucks. I did it for a little while but didn't really understand how to get points, so I gave up.

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