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Cleaned Up for Free

August 22nd, 2011 at 10:10 pm

I'm starting to work on small repairs around the house. The kind you put off, or just get used to living with.

In the last couple of days, I have repaired some minor dents in the drywall with spackling, sand paper and paint. Turns out I had all the items needed on hand. I just opened the old cans of paint, stirred well and dipped the small roller in! Easy. And free.

We bought caulk for the bathrooms a couple months ago. This weekend I finally took care of updating the caulk by the sinks and our shower. I still need caulk by the tub in the girl's bathroom, around all the toilets and a section near the kitchen sink. All the tools are here, I just need to commit the time to it.

I also cleaned the front window and storm door using a razor blade to clean up very minor paint splatters that were made when the house was painted last year. I suppose I need to clean all the windows inside and out, and dust the blinds.

A few other items I'll be working on in the coming weeks: staining the deck, moving dirt in the back yard, planting the grass seed and watering the yard a bit more regularly.

Cleaning and repairs that need to be done and if I tackle a little bit everyday it will eventually get done! Luckily many of the items can be done for very little, if any, money. Yipee!!

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