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Sunday was No Spend

March 21st, 2011 at 06:03 am

As it turns out Sunday was a no spend day. We did shop and I did use my $10 Kohl's coupon for a set of socks that were on sale for $9. Free socks!!

The jeans shopping didn't work out. I will need to order online. Boo.

I'm not sure how the spending will be today. I'm going to try to delay going to the grocery store for one more day. I might finish up the birthday shopping. I guess I'll let you know tomorrow!

Spring and any other change of season can make for more spending. Do any of you feel like you are spending less this month? Or is it much more than usual?

1 Responses to “Sunday was No Spend”

  1. LittleGopher Says:

    More, more, more...

    A little clothes shopping for us girls - a stock-up for my oldest when we dropped her off (extra gas) after her spring break, funded a sit-down meal out once we were there to meet the new boyfriend :-), our spring break (no biggie plans, but a few treats planned), some vehicle maintenance (it's not that there's no money, but it's just not as much fun to spend the dollars in this way, though I heartily appreciate the use of our cars)and more driving around now that's it's nicer and we survived the very long winter(gas again!)

    March never has or will be a no spend month for my family (Jan or Feb are the better choices for us!)

    You're doing great with it, and it's been fun to read! Just a few more days to go!! (Will you save a bit in comparison to a regular month?)

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