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From Scratch

October 22nd, 2010 at 08:27 am


I'm sewing a princess daisy (from Mario Kart) costumef from Mario Kart for my daughter. We couldn't find one that even exists premade...so I winging it by sewing from a 99 cent pattern and sale fabric. I think I spent less than $10 total. However the hours that I spent on this costume are crazy!! I feel like I have been working on it for days and I'm not done yet.

I'll post a picture when it is complete. I can say it has kept me from browsing garage sales or surfing the net or spending too much money!

4 Responses to “From Scratch”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Can't wait to see! Smile

  2. monkeymama Says:

    Is that the only costume they don't make from the Mario characters? Yeesh! (I know LM wanted to be Yoshi or Toad a while back and there was nothing available, but I saw most of the characters around this year - even Princess Peach. Poor Princess Daisy!)

    Can't wait to see!

  3. NJDebbie Says:

    Can't wait to see it either!

  4. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I'd love to see it too!

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