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Squirreling Away Cash

October 13th, 2010 at 05:01 am

I'm painting our master bedroom today. I hope to get it done quickly. The nice thing is the rebate for the paint arrived yesterday. The check is for $15.

Crazy as it sounds, I need to decided where to put the $15. Right now it feels like I'm squirreling away bits of cash for different reasons: holidays, van loan, money for clothes. I guess it is a good problem to have. Decisions,decisions.

Do you ever have indecision over small amounts of money? Or is it just me?

3 Responses to “Squirreling Away Cash”

  1. momcents Says:

    All the time, sister! All the time. Seems the bigger amounts of money go right to savings like a no-brainer, but the little things ... that is what throws me, too!

  2. homebody Says:

    No... I hoard it all....hahahahaa

  3. Ladya70 Says:

    Those of us that follow Dave Ramsey calls money kike this snowflakes. The thing about snowflakes is that you need to save them right away before they melt(or get spent)

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