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Garage Sale Tip #1

May 5th, 2010 at 01:43 pm

The garage sale I'm holding with my neighbors is next week. I am looking forward to the cash, but really looking forward to getting rid of a pile of stuff! Over the next week I will post my favorite garage sale tips:

Tip #1: Make bright easy to read signs.

I use fluorescent green, yellow or pink posterboard and a broad tipped black marker. I only use one color per sale. I fill the entire board with information. Include address or intersection, days and times. A large arrow on the bottom of the sign is also very helpful. Make sure the letters on your sign are thick and bold. In fact, aim for two inches thick and 4-8 inches tall.

I actually use two pieces of posterboard per sign and tape them together on the top and sides with clear packing tape. I slide it over an old realtor sign or a large piece of cardboard with a stake attached and then tape the bottom of the posterboard together. This makes for a very sturdy sign.

If you think it might rain, you can cover the entire sign in clear packing tape! Put the signs out during the late evening before the sale on nearby intersections. We live off a major street, so we put about 3 signs at major intersections about a mile away each. We also put one right at our main corner and a smaller one in our yard, so people know they found the right place!

Good looking signs are important. If you are not getting compliments on your signs from buyers, you are doing it wrong!

2 Responses to “Garage Sale Tip #1”

  1. Single Guy Says:

    Hmmm, the info is fine, but what is helpful (to me as someone that goes around to yard sales) is that the sign has the arrow, and is taken down after the sale so it doesn't confuse people in following weeks. The address is nice, but if you have proper signs / arrows people can find the sale just fine. And unless your dates are very prominent, if the sign isn't taken down it will confuse people in the future.

    So when I do it, I put them up the day before, and take them down right after I have put everything back in the house. The signs have "Yard Sale" and the large arrow directing people, and my address (smaller but still readable). Nothing else is needed. Plus without a date on them, I can reuse them in the future.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Great point! Yes, take down your sales immediately following sale. I actually do this, I just didn't write it about it.

    And my signs only have days of the week and I do reuse them!

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