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$200 Allowance

April 28th, 2010 at 10:20 pm

My husband will be getting an allowance of $200 each pay period for the next year. We are paid twice per month. His need for cash is very minimal while overseas.

Secretly,(Unless he's reading this blog today. Hi, honey!) I hope that he will not spend it all. Last time his expenses included some pop, lots of cigars and Subway sandwiches (one does get tired of DFAC food), haircuts and occasional postage for packages.
Two hundred dollars seems like plenty don't you think?

Right now my plan is to take this allowance from our regular spending. I think this is possible because of all the things that we won't be spending money on. Less will be spent on fuel and groceries here at home for sure!

2 Responses to “$200 Allowance ”

  1. girltherapy Says:

    $50 a week seems like plenty, but some of those cigars are expensive! HaHa.

  2. tinibee Says:

    My reservices husband is overseas too and we do about the same amount for his spending money as well. It seems to be plenty. I hear complaints on DFAC food too Smile
    And it is amazing how much less we use with my honey gone (although I would glad cover the increased consumption to have him home with us).

    Good luck!

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