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Our Spending is in the Gutter

April 20th, 2010 at 05:21 pm

If I haven't already mentioned it, our spending is way way up there this month. And last month. And it looks to be up in May, too! How is this going to help my emergency fund goal?

This week we are literally spending money on gutters. I'm hoping a repair or at most the replacement of one strip of gutter. Do them call them that? Strips. Line of gutter? Whatever.

The over the phone estimate is about $150. It has to be repaired at least otherwise the next paint job is going to fail in the same spot. I guess it is all about maintenence or at least keeping up appearances.

This is an example of home maintenence for all you renters out there that might want to buy a home. It's another reason to have an emergency fund for these repairs that come up that you might not be able to plan for. I didn't plan for this one. I'm sure the signs were there. I just didn't look!!

Some of the money for these gutters and the paint will come from the 'new' emergency fund. Darn. Once we sell the car, it will be instantly replaced. Yipee!

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