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Found Some Deals

February 24th, 2010 at 12:20 pm

I wasn't really looking for them. I was at Target anyway! I bought only things we use and would normally buy, even though a few other items were tempting.

Here's what I got:

4 pack Edge shaving cream $4.24*3 = $12.72
30 ct Swiss Miss hot chocolate $1.88
2 pk Market Pantry apple juice $1.48*2 = $2.96
2 pk Soft scrub $2.48
Total spent = $20.04

Target had a section soon after the first of the year where you could buy in bulk, like Sam's Club and Costco. These deals were in those sections and were primarily marked down 50%.

Prior to my purchases I returned two items equal to $40.45!! Now to convince my husband to lug 12 containers of shaving cream overseas....

4 Responses to “Found Some Deals”

  1. Homebody Says:

    Sounds like I might need to go to Target!

  2. twotinytoes Says:

    Good job!

  3. D&D Says:

    I am so jealous...it least you have a target. I wish won was near me Frown

  4. Lisa Says:

    Good luck! Most guys aren't going to lug 12 can of shaving cream overseas.... LOL!

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