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Under $4K!!

December 15th, 2009 at 06:49 am

I made a regular payment to our home equity loan, as well as, an extra principal payment in the amount of $145!

Our new loan balance sits under $4K at: $3,999.54

We started 2009 with a balance of $13,999. In one years time, we have paid off nearly $10,000 on our home equity loan. I should have sent in an extra $0.54 to make it an even $10K. Oh well. Close enough!

Even though it would have been nice to have paid the whole thing off this year, I feel great that we made good strides. Remember, we paid cash for our daughter's braces and a trip to Disney World. Right now, we are only a few more months away from getting there. I let you know when it happens, of course!

5 Responses to “Under $4K!!”

  1. Ima saver Says:


  2. campfrugal Says:

    That Rocks!

  3. wowitsawonderfullife Says:

    Wow, that's impressive!

  4. ceejay74 Says:

    Oh wow, what a great milestone to end the year with. The finish line is so close I can smell it! Smile

  5. frugaltexan Says:

    That's fantastic!

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