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Calling All Oglers

November 21st, 2009 at 08:08 am

I really don't have a much financial happening right now. How about a glimpse into our checking account?

Beginning Balance Today: $349.31

We get paid again on December 1st. We will have to buy weekly groceries this Sunday or Monday. We are traveling by car for Thanksgiving, so fuel will be needed. I already have the items to make the pumpkin pie. I also need to bring banana bread for which I also have all the items. We may give cash to my BIL who is hosting Thanksgiving. He usually goes all out. We could bring something, but it ends up being too much food! My husband and kids need haircuts this weekend, too.

I think today may be a no spend day. I'd like to get the Christmas lights up on the house since the weather will be cooperating. Please let all the lights work!! Dinner is planned and we have Netflix movies to watch. One daughter wants to go to the library. We also should get some cleaning done.

Oh, that balance above is just for regular expenses. Right now, I have another $400 set aside for Christmas and other gifts in a seperate account.

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