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Last Day of the Month

September 30th, 2009 at 09:45 am

I'm always a little antsy the last day of the month. For one, it is the day before payday. I can actually see the pay pending in our checking account on this day! I occasionaly see that large sum of cash for its possibilities. Yet it has responsibilites, too.

On this day I look forward to seeing the interest we've earned in our savings account. Although in the last year or more, that isn't much to talk about! It does add up and it is exciting to see our balance rise to new heights.

Sometimes, I'm antsy because the spending money is gone and I can't wait to get my hands on more cash! I don't feel prosperous with nickels in my checking account. It's like being told 'no' by a very harsh voice.

My feelings are mixed. I don't know whether I'm rich or poor. Sure, we all have feelings concerning money when we find an unexpected gift. A penny on the ground or a rebate in the mail. We are devasted when the car repair bill wasn't in the budget this month or our health insurance premiums rise.

My feelings about money seem to also cycle with paydays and calendars. Have you noticed the same thing? Is it just us financial types? Does everyone feel this way? I wonder if they felt the same in the days of bartering?

Just something to munch on over lunch...

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