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It Must Be My Lucky Day

August 25th, 2008 at 09:06 am

Really! Thanks to HelpMeFriend for the great tie in to add to this post. Okay, where to start.

Well, yesterday after spending the day at a local amusement park I came home to find that I sold three items on ebay for a gross total of $62.75!! I am thrilled with the results since one item sold for $49, when I was expecting about $30. Must have been my lucky day!

Today, I hopped on my bike to deliver those ebay packages to the post office. That is my first time ever doing an errand like that on my bike. Cool...gas savings and exercise. I also went to the gym after dropping packages off. Must be my lucky day!

I'm home now, recording some debit transactions and checking my bank account online. I noticed that I have been charged less for Netflix and the local paper. Netflix is lower because they had some shipping problems over a week ago and reduced our bill by 15% to make up for it. The local paper is less, because of credits for papers not delivered. Four days of no newspaper. Total savings $4.20. It must be my lucky day!!

Weather is perfect again, so no air conditioning here! It must be my lucky day.

The rest of my day will involve stripping a dresser. Again...a first for me. I've had this dresser for 6 years...just waiting to be redone. It was my father in law's and it is such a nice size to put in a corner or near a door. It must be my lucky day.

I wish you a lucky day, too!!

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