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A/C Challenge Over

August 21st, 2008 at 10:35 am

Today is much cooler, but the windows will have to stay closed because it is raining. I'm pretty sure the air will not kick on today, so it is close to being off.

I see several warm days in our future, so for now the a/c challenge is over. We managed to make it 8.5 days without air conditioning during the month of August. I guess we could say 9.5 since it won't run today...that's almost a third of the month!

My kids are back at school today with my oldest starting 6th grade at the middle school. The youngest is still in elementary. They will be riding different buses and leaving and arriving at different times. It seems strange already. Cost of the first day of school...$5.28 to go to breakfast with the neighborhood mom's.

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