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12 Hours of A/C

August 19th, 2008 at 11:32 am

I broke down yesterday and turned on the air conditioning for 12 hours. We were gone most of the day and when we returned it was 85 degrees in the house!! That is just too hot.

I turned it off this morning at 6am...probably could have turned it off sooner, but I wasn't awake!! It is still off, but I have shut all the windows, blinds and curtains. It is 81 degrees as of 1:30pm. We have all of our ceiling fans running as usual, but I may try turning on the whole house fan to see if I can at least get it to maintain the same temperature.

It will be warmer here for the next fews days. If I can't make it work for the rest of the day, the a/c will be back on for a few days until it cools down again.

For those of you counting...it has been 8.5 days without a/c! Almost a third of a month.

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