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Why I've Been Absent

August 4th, 2008 at 02:55 pm

Sorry...it's been a few days since I stopped by to post. I've been helping my sister get ready and hold a garage sale.

I traveled a few hours away to help her price and set up. I even made the signs. I hauled my kids and the treasures they decided to sell, too. I brought my garage sale kit with stickers, markers, packing tape, index cards, markers, calculator, safety pins and fanny pack.

The sale was held on Friday and Saturday in the high heat of the midwest! Turn out was average for both days. We advertised in the local paper, side streets and online. We really wanted and needed more traffic.

The talk of the garage sale was that they (my sis and her husband) sold a 1987 Toyota MR2 for $1300 in cash. We didn't even advertise the car except in the lawn. Turns out the man who bought it used to work with my brother in law's dad 15 years ago!! What a small world.

Total take of sale, not including the car, was $410. Plenty of things left to sell next time and gobs of things to donate to charity.

So, I've been tired out. It was a busy and long four days. I think my sister was pleased and I was happy to be there to support her.

I'm back. I have more to say, so keep checking back for more news from this end.

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