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Tomorrow's Pay Day

June 30th, 2008 at 08:56 am

Around here, we look forward to the first of the month! It's payday.

We spent the weekend trying not to spend money. We did okay...but we did spend. It seems when DH is around I give in to his wants. This weekend it was Chinese food and long island ice tea mix. See why I say...wants? We did not need either of these. We had other food in the house and we didn't need to drink.

So, tomorrow is payday, we will stock up on groceries for the week and pay our regular bills. Life won't feel so tight again.

I need to pay the mortgage, flute rental, phone bill (includes cell phones & internet), send in college contributions, add money to our own escrow account and add money to our savings. The water bill will arrive soon and I'll need to pay that, too.

Also, need to pay off DH government travel card. Yuck...don't like when he overspends and doesn't get reimbursed!

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