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April 18th, 2008 at 12:13 pm

Yesterday, was a flood of sorts in two ways.

We've received over an inch of rain and expected to get more. As we put our children to bed last night we realized that we were getting water inside...somewhere near the windows. We tried a temporary fix, but it looks that the carpet is pretty wet in one area...about 2 square feet. So I get to move furniture today and pull the carpet back. Yuck!!

We had a good flood yesterday, too. A flood of money!! I received a $58 check for reimbursement on an eye exam I had in January. I paid at the time of visit, but they also sent in insurance. When I got the insurance statement it said I wasn't responsible for the $58. I wrote a letter to the eye doctor at the end of January and forgot about it!! Now a check.

I also had a hit on a craigslist listing. A hamster cage was sold for $15. They came and picked it up right away!

I love floods of money, but could really do without the water floods.

Old Balance: $55.42
Add: $73.00
New Balance: $128.42

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  1. Brenda Says:

    Sorry to hear about your water problem.

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