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April 7th, 2008 at 06:10 pm

That's the total of my gross ebay sales for the week! I am shocked. I was amazed at how much people bid for some of my things. People love children's books and brand name clothes. The brand name clothes I sold were only Old Navy and one outfit from Children's Place.

I sold 12 out of my 16 items. One of those has been relisted on behalf of my sister. I also added another 9 items, mostly army gear, for this week. My goal was to profit at least $100 on ebay this month. I think I just might make it!!

Update on my cat Liberty: She is doing much better. The vet doesn't know with certainty what she had, but probably got it from our new cat, Riley. Just a couple more days of antibiotic. She eating and drinking like a good kitty, now! Thanks again for your good wishes.

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  1. homebody Says:

    My pregnant daughter listed a bunch of her brand name T-shirts last month usually two together and she sold every single one! Congrats!

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