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Shopping the Fridge and Avoiding Food Waste

July 9th, 2019 at 05:55 am

Prior to grocery shopping on Sunday, I reviewed what we had on hand that could be part of some meals this week. I did have to throw out 2 ribs of celery, 6 mini peppers, 1/3 of a bag of greens and a few baby carrots. Not too bad on the waste!

We had taco salad last night where I used up some red onion and the oldest of the lettuce greens. I made potato soup the night prior to use up some milk that is expiring today. I didn't quite use it all up, so it may get tossed today if it is actually bad.

I'm using an apple and onion we had on hand when I make pork chops this week. And when I make taco dip I will use up green onions and olives. I did have eggs and hashbrowns available that will make up our dinner one night this week.

As you can tell I did have to buy other ingredients, but the meals were shaped by what I needed to use up before it went to waste or what I already had that could make a meal.

The food portion of our grocery bill was $81.40 for the week. My husband did buy some almonds to snack from another store for $7.99.

Today I'm going to make bone broth with a chicken carcass I have in the freezer which will use some more carrots, onion and celery for flavoring.

DId you waste any food this past week? Did you find a full meal or meal ingredients in your home before you went shopping?

4 Responses to “Shopping the Fridge and Avoiding Food Waste”

  1. crazyliblady Says:

    I also shopped the fridge this week and also threw some out.

    On last Saturday, I ate some leftover coleslaw and a piece of chicken for lunch.

    On Sunday morning, I ate leftover green beans with my breakfast.

    Yesterday, I had some leftover kale as a salad for lunch with my homemade stuffed bell pepper.

    Today, I am having some leftover egg salad with my stuffed bell pepper.

    Tonight, I am having homemade meatloaf and some leftover egg salad.

    I did have to through out some cucumbers and radishes last Friday. I noticed them when I made up my shopping list. I usually toss rotten produce in the compost bin. It helps me grow better veggies.

  2. Jenn Says:

    I had to throw out some fresh cilantro because we didn't eat it all before it wilted. Because of its strong (but yummy) flavor, I couldn't throw it in a green smoothie like I can with parsley.

  3. Lucky Robin Says:

    I threw a bunch of stuff out yesterday. I need to recommit to avoiding food waste again. We just did not manage our leftovers properly over the long weekend. DH usually eats the leftovers for lunches, but didn't do that while he was off work for 4 days and I didn't realize he wasn't eating them.

  4. rob62521 Says:

    I am ashamed to say I forgot about a tub of plain yogurt that I didn't get used and had to throw away. But, I did use up some vegetables that were starting to look past their prime when I made some chicken broth.

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