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Frugal Report Card

July 2nd, 2019 at 07:26 am

Here's a few frugal happenings from our corner of the world this week:

I found a $0.50 coupon for the shaving cream I needed to buy right on the shelf by the shaving cream. The commissary puts up tablets of coupons for certain items every so often. These are coupons only available for use at a commissary.

I found two dimes on two separate occasions while out walking this week.

We currently use foaming hand soap at all our sinks. A couple of them were getting low, so I added water to extend the life of the soap. It still comes out foamy. Eventually I will add more soap in, as it will get too diluted.

My nieces just went to a week long summer camp. Family and friends are invited to send mail. Instead of buying cards, I folded some scrapbook paper into note card size cards and used colored markers to write and draw inside. I had envelopes and stamps on hand, so no new out of pocket cost to bring a smile to their faces.

I went shopping at the thrift store and bought nothing. I did see some interesting items, but even thrift store prices were a bit much for what I was finding.

I did buy a new pair of Asics sneakers at the Exchange here on base. Normal retail was $124.99. I snatched them up for $37.18. This is my second pair of the same style shoe that I found at this price and in my size. I just started wearing the first one about a month ago. So this newest pair won't get use until my current pair is worn out.

The only food I threw out this week, was some celery that must had had root rot or something. I went to cut up some of the ribs were cracked and mushy. I had just bought it a few days prior. I did salvage some of it.

And finally, I have started saving any paper bags we get from the store. I have found they can be great packing paper for shipping eBay items! They can also be wrapped around a box, if mailing in the original box, so that a label can be attached. The lighter the box the better!

What frugal happenings do you have to report?

2 Responses to “Frugal Report Card”

  1. Wife of the Deacon Says:

    We've saved a lot of money by dumping remodel debris into the dumpsters at the apartment buildings that my dad owns. We will save more money by removing the tiles around the tub before bath remodel 2 happens in the near future.

    I have sold some random items from my basement and made $105 with three sales.

    We listed an air hockey table as free and it would have cost $3.25 to have it removed and it would have ended up in the landfill.

    Not much, but every little bit adds up!

    I enjoy these threads!

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Nice frugal wins at your house, Laura! I'm glad you enjoy the frugal posts.

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