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Food Success, Frugal Wins

June 9th, 2019 at 06:49 pm

Despite the recent food waste, I mentioned in a previous blog, there have been some food successes. Last week, I used the bones from a rotisserie chicken to make bone broth in the crock pot. It turned out pretty well. I have already used about half, with another quart still in the fridge. I also have some frozen chicken bones in the freezer to make another batch sometime in the future.

I used up the frozen peas in the freezer this week finally when I made fried rice. This week I plan to make potato soup to use the last three potatoes in the house, some bone broth and frozen celery in the freezer. And that will help use the milk up a little faster, too! I used up 1/4 of a cabbage and two carrots to make a simple coleslaw which I ate as part of my lunch today.

My daughter wanted manicotti for dinner tonight. Instead of making an entire pan using all 14 manicotti noodles for three of us, I made half a batch! We ate each one I made and have saved the remainder for the future...potentially next week if we don't eat the cottage cheese this week. When there are four of us home we definitely eat more than seven but we always have leftovers, which I, along with my older daughter would eat. Since she is not here this summer to help with leftovers, I simply didn't make any! This is especially helpful since I'm trying to keep my processed carbs to only three dinners per week at the most.

Now going forward this week, I need to freeze some tomato paste that is in the fridge. I usually scoop it out in 1 TBS drops, freeze on a pan and then put in a container for future soups and sauces. I also need to start eating down the frozen grapes I have in the freezer. I think I'm the only one that will eat them. They are really good when it is so, so warm out. I just forget about them in the freezer. Oh, and there's one apple that I need to remember to cut up at dinner and use up. I think I can do that tomorrow night.

A few other frugal wins for the last week:

I found $0.14 on the ground. I actually found most of it in the middle of a soccer field when I walked out from the track to pick up some trash, a duty I find myself doing to keep the area looking somewhat clean. I guess I get paid to clean up!!

When getting the mail at our community mailbox, I glanced in the nearby trash can and saw one of those blue and white Amazon bubble mailers right on top and snatched it up. I've been shipping things due to eBay sales. I primarily use mailing supplies I have from things mailed to me. I'm starting to run low, so this was a nice addition to my stash. I will keep an eye out for other such items that are still clean that I can use.

My husband went to get a haircut this afternoon and they were already closed. I suggested I trim his hair this week instead of a $9.50 haircut with his usual $5 tip! He agreed. Maybe I can do this once a month at least, because he is going twice a month to cut probably 1/4 inch off his very short hair. This is why we have a trimmer in the first place to save money!

My husband has been doing well buying his soda and gum in bulk packaging rather than going to pick up individual servings several times per week. I'd prefer he not buy any of it, but that isn't where he is right now. I'm happy with the change though financially.

I'm going to try to keep posting about frugal successes, feel free to join in with what you did that helped save you money!

4 Responses to “Food Success, Frugal Wins”

  1. Jenn Says:

    Your food efficiency tactics are impressive! I've never made broth from the rotisserie chicken bones, but my dad told me that he does.

    I made quiche this weekend, using green onions and garlic scrapes from the CSA box, along with broccoli and bacon bits. I bought lots of organic pie crusts when they were on sale (2 pkgs for $1 and each pkg has 2!) and froze them. So far I've used a few for quiche and fir rhubarb pie. (A CSA veggie that was new to us.)

  2. CB in the City Says:

    Good work on curbing food waste! I am going to make potato soup this week.

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    Thanks, Jenn! Trust me I'm not always this efficient. But I'm trying to improve and actually do the things I know how to do! Your CSA box sounds amazing.

    @CB, enjoy your potato soup!

  4. rob62521 Says:

    Fine job on those food successes! You are really organized!

    Bravo on the found change! You did get "paid" to pick up. LOL

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