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Another Couple Sales

June 4th, 2019 at 05:11 am

I sold one of the old cell phones and a pair of shorts on eBay yesterday. Netting a little over $40 I think.

Although I said ALL sale money would go to pay ourselves back for the car down payment, the money from the phones is going towards paying the sales tax and activation fees on the two new phones which is going to be on our bill at the end of the month. That charge is $120 or so. I have one more phone to sell, but it will go for less as it's more beat up and we aren't selling it with the charger.

I have already applied some funds from other prior sales to the phone charge as well in the amount of $27.50. We are also expecting a rebate check from our utility service in the amount of $33, which I also plan to apply to the charge. It seems late, but I think it will be here before that bill is due. We do have the money to cover the charge, this is just the way my brain works when I have extra expenses. So I'm close to have the full $120 for the phones!!

I have other items listed on eBay and I have other potential items to sell as well. Summer feels like a slow time of year to make sales, but it's worth the try. If our housing has another garage sale, I might see if I have enough to put some things out.

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