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Water Damage

January 25th, 2016 at 07:11 pm

Oh boy! I'm not sure how to feel. We discovered some water damage in our rental home. Recently, we have hardwood floors and noticed a few boards separating ever so slightly in our kitchen. Since I'm not an expert in hardwood floor or homes without basements (we have a crawl space) and it has been much, much colder here I thought it was because of weather.

Yesterday and today it was much more noticeable that the boards were warping ever so slightly. And then I noticed a gap (1/16 of an inch or less) in another board closer to the fridge. Our fridge has an ice maker and line for cold water. Hmm...

Once my husband was home I explained I thought we needed to pull the fridge out and make sure there wasn't a leak. If only that had been the case. But there was a leak. Seems to be the water hose (which can be replaced). But the damage to the floor and the cabinet walls on the sides of the fridge are definitely water damaged.

I feel so bad. Not that WE did anything wrong. I just wish it had been more obvious sooner, so the damage would be far less. Our owners live many hours north of us so they can't stop by to look at it easily. We did send pictures.

If it were our home I'd be calling a water restoration company to handle the repairs. For now, all we could do was turn off the water and wipe up the water. Now we wait.

Again, I feel mixed about the whole thing.

I'm grateful that the cost to repair isn't on us. I'm pretty sure the owners have spent around $3,000 on some new air conditioner parts since we have lived here. Now this new expense. Maybe insurance would pay for it? Not sure.

I'm also not looking forward to being in the middle of any repairs while they happen. It's in the kitchen!!

And funny thing...I just ordered a new water filter for the fridge. It will arrive on Wednesday. But now we can't use it!! Ugh. It's a mix bag.

For the most part I feel bad for them. No one want to hear they have water damage in their home.

4 Responses to “Water Damage”

  1. Livingalmostlarge Says:

    Is it wrong for me to say I'm happy you don't own either? Sometimes it's better to be on the rental end of the stick. We've replaced the microwave, had electrical work done, and yard stuff and roof stuff not on our dime.

  2. Bob B. Says:

    We rented our house out while we were trying to sell it. If the owners of your home are anything like we were, they couldn't be happier to be renting out to responsible an considerate people like you and your husband.

    Leaks happen, it's how they're caught and taken care of that matters.

  3. alice4now Says:

    It's never fun to be notified of a leak, but it's way better to be notified early on before the damage spreads. That has happened to us in the past, and that is when you don't mind the late night, out of time zone phone calls.

  4. creditcardfree Says:

    Thank you all for your reassuring words. We haven't heard any more from the owners. And really, they may not do anything. It is possible. Not that the water line is turned off it won't get much worse. Although there has got to be moisture trapped underneath the floor boards. That's not good. But the house is still livable and probably not noticed by people who would be visiting. We just don't have filtered water from the fridge. We can adjust to that as we have never had it in the past.

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