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Furnace Repaired...Finally

January 29th, 2015 at 08:11 pm

Our furnace has been acting up since Saturday. We have had three different service people here in the last four days (same company). In the end we were charged for a service call and the labor for two parts, the parts themselves were under warranty. In all we spent $250 to get our furnace running properly.

Now for us, we have the money and I'm glad it is running. But it is three years old!! That is a lot of money for some people. Some people spend that much on groceries in a month. It just makes me sad that things need to be so expensive.

Now maybe we have some fancy model of furnace. Not sure that we do but it is newer with 'codes' to tell you what the problems are and so forth. So there may be additional expense there.

How much have you spent on furnace repairs in recent years?

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