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Catching Up After Weekend Away

September 15th, 2014 at 05:21 pm

We went to see Garth Brooks in concert on Saturday in Chicago. It was fabulous!!!!

Now I'm playing catch up on everything needing to be done here at home along with paying bills since today is payday. I'm also trying to estimate my husband's travel reimbursements for a couple of recent trips. He actually worked Saturday and Sunday morning in Chicago, so our transportation, hotel and some food were covered! This made the cost of the trip far less expensive. The work part wasn't even originally planned for the date we chose to go to the concert.

I just wrote a check for $55.11 for my daughter's high school graduation cap, gown and tassel (and maybe a stole?). They get to keep everything! When I graduated, we only kept the cap and tassel. The gowns were rented and turned back in right after graduation. We are skipping the fancy announcements since she doesn't care for them. We will likely make our own...although as I write that I'm really wondering if we should just get 25 of them. Those would cost $28.75. Although, then I'm realizing those wouldn't have her name on them, and to get the name cards adds even more ($18+). Now I'm back to making our own. Since ALL of our family is out of town, we really don't expect too many of them to make the trip for the ceremony. She also isn't into the open house party thing either. So...we'll keep it simple and frugal. Smile

I had over $31 from Chase Rewards that I redeemed and matched with an extra mortgage payment. Included in that payment was a recent purchase made with Amazon gift cards and our US Bank rewards. This all means $57.12 in snowflakes and less mortgage debt. I like that!!

I have earned more than $5 from Ibotta and should be able to cash out now. I just need to make that request. I completed a Pinecone survey last night and received credit this morning, so claimed my cash!

I went shopping for groceries today and spent under $90! It seems like forever since my bill was so low. I did try to make our meal plan using things we already had on hand. Tonight I made egg casserole because I had the milk, eggs and bread on hand. I did buy mushrooms, sausage and cheese for it. Would have been cheaper to just do eggs and toast, but I will use the extra cheddar cheese for tacos later in the week and extra sausage on our pizza. I made sure to use my Target Cartwheel app for savings, as well as a few printed coupons. I always love a successful trip at the grocery store!

Now I need a nap! It's been a tiring few days. How was your weekend? Did anyone else see Garth Brooks?

4 Responses to “Catching Up After Weekend Away”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Sounds like you had a fun weekend!

  2. nhgirl1970 Says:

    I ordered announcements from Vistaprint when my kids graduated. There was a great variety to choose from and they were so much cheaper!

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    Thanks nhgirl, I will definitely check Vistaprint when the time gets closer. At least with them I can get a coupon or discount if I watch for sales!

  4. doingitallwrong Says:

    Huh, I had written a comment suggesting Vistaprint, too, but apparently it got eaten! Frown They have a promo code out right now for 25% off announcements (VPINVITE25), good through 1/15/15, but they always have several codes going. If you get down to the wire and can't find a good promo, let me know, I believe I have 'no expiration date' 25% off codes somewhere that came with previous orders. (I have ordered quite a lot from them, and a variety of products, and have always been happy with the results.)

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