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Netflix Increase

July 12th, 2011 at 07:22 pm

Netflix prices are increasing per the email I received today. Specifically for the service we use, unlimited streaming and unlimited mailed dvd (two at a time) it is increasing by about $4.

It seems everything is increasing these days. My life insurance went up. Food prices are increasing. And of course, fuel is higher than last year or even earlier this year.

In light of the Netflix increase, I may cut back to one video out at a time...or cut it out all together. I've noticed we have rented at Redbox recently when the movie wasn't available right away through Netflix.

I've also thought about cancelling our newspaper subscription. We definitely get a lot of use out of it. Or most days. We receive it everyday and pay almost $18 a month. It doesn't save much just to go to weekends or Sundays since most of the cost is the Sunday paper, which come with coupons. However, I think I could get the coupons online for most things I use them for. The girls would miss reading the comic strips.

It's small amounts of money, but we all know those add up pretty quickly. Are you canceling or changing services as fees increase?

11 Responses to “Netflix Increase”

  1. PatientSaver Says:

    Wow, that's a bummer. And a fairly big price increase considering that it was around $9 for unlimited, wasn't it?

    Well, I don't have Netflix anymore, and as of this Friday, I won't have basic cable either. I cancelled it. Can't justify the expense.

    I'm really afraid of how difficult it will be to go cold turkey, but that's the way it's going to be.

    A few months ago I got a year's subscription to a local paper for $10 (Sundays only), mainly becus i thought the coupons would pretty much pay for the paper. Most of the coupons are for higher-priced name brands for things I buy generic, so there's really not much of a cost savings. Sometimes I'll see a good deal, even a free one, for 1 or 2 items each week at Walgreens but honestly, it doesn't make sense to me to go driving around to stores like that just to save $1 to $2 on 1 or 2 items. So many people do that,and I'm sure it makes them feel good, but i doubt it's really saving them much money.

  2. CB in the City Says:

    I am of the same opinion about coupons, Patient Saver. I mostly buy house brands, so rarely use coupons. I do try, but I rarely get one that I really need.

    I got the Netflix announcement, and I switched from unlimited streaming and one DVD at a time, to just streaming. I can always rent much-wanted DVD's at Redbox or the library. So instead of an increase, I have a decrease from 9.99 to 7.99.

  3. LittleMsMom Says:

    Back when I have netflix, I only had one dvd and streaming and I was peeved when they bumped my bill up by $.50 per month. Shortly after that BF moved in and so I got to dump Netflix.

    I wonder what my BF is going to do with his plan (Streaming and 3 DVD's), he is currently at Annual Training so I am not sure what he will do with his account.

    Quite a while back I also cancelled my newspaper subscription, I only had the weekend edition because it was $8 per month. I loved the coupons BUT I find I buy alot of generics OR if I have to have a certain name brand then I often can find higher value coupons on the companies website. Between that and the four or five internet printing sites I not miss my newspaper at all.

  4. rob62521 Says:

    It is getting frightening how everything is going up, yet our salaries are not keeping pace. Inflation anyone?

  5. PNW Mom Says:

    We enjoy reading the paper daily but if we had to, we could cancel our subscription. I would however, buy the Sunday paper for the coupons.

    Food prices are what is really concerning to me right now. It seems it is harder and harder to find good deals and coupons are not as plentiful as they were a year ago.

  6. ceejay74 Says:

    We've pretty much decided we'll do what CB did, and drop our one-at-a-time DVDs in the mail, just keep streaming. So they'll end up losing $2 per month from us. It was going to be a $6 increase for us. We only watch about 2-3 mailed DVDs per month, so I don't know if it'll end up costing them or saving them money.

    There are some things only available by mail, but we can try to borrow from other people, or buy for cheap and then resell on eBay, or something.

  7. North Georgia Gal Says:

    I just got my notice as well. I think I am going to drop the actual DVD's and just go with the streaming. We usually end up keeping a movie for long periods of time so we won't notice a difference. Plus the movie rental store in town is now only $1 for new releases and there is also a new blockbuster box near the food lion. So Netflix will be losing 2 dollars on me.

  8. ThriftoRama Says:

    My plan was going up about $6, but I mostly use streaming and get maybe one actual dvd every couple of months. I may have to just do streaming and then find a video store for stuff that is only on disc. I'm bummed.

  9. -Jerry- Says:

    It's true, prices are going up all over the place. They tried to raise our homeowners' insurance last month, and by a lot, but we found another carrier and dropped our premium by about $100, instead! Then, when we told the original company, rather than try to compete they just wrote off the business. I was actually shocked. No wonder companies are in trouble, if they don't even attempt to lead customers back into the fold!

  10. LuckyRobin Says:

    We do 4 out in the summer with streaming, one for each of us, but the kids have been doing so much streaming lately and I've been able to get things from other sources, like ABC Family's summer programming avaialble free online, that we are going to drop to 2 out with streaming. I think Netflix may find this price increase backfires on them.

  11. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I already just have streaming, but was thinking about going to the combined plan after I started getting paychecks. However, after seeing that it would not just be an extra $2/month, but an extra $8/month, I decided to not bother.

    For comics, you can see most comics online - so your kids could still get their dose of comics. On a daily basis even. Smile


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