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Archive for March, 2011

NSM - Great Deal on Birthday Gift

March 4th, 2011 at 06:07 am

I'm here to write to you about more spending during my no spend month. Smile Odd isn't it.

I bought my daughter a used copy of Wii Music on ebay and used my $9 paypal balance, which was from Pinecone surveys, to pay for most of it. The remainder, $3.65, was deducted from the checking account.

Beginning Balance: 457.89
Groupon Purchase: (15.00)
Grocery Purchase: (45.59)
Fuel Purchase: (54.49)
Grocery Purchase: (24.13)
Previous Balance: $318.68

Ebay Purchase: (3.65)
New Balance: $315.03

My youngest daughter needed a new folder for school. It turns out I had two in the house she could choose from. No money spent there. She is also having a friend (maybe 2) spend the night tonight. We'll have the pasta we already planned for dinner. And we have several options for breakfast. I'm not buying anything extra because we have company. Smile

Here's looking forward to a no spend weekend!!

No Spend Month - 2nd Trip to the Grocery Store & More

March 3rd, 2011 at 02:47 pm

Today was another spend day here during the no spend month. All items are necessities.

I first made a trip to Panera with my friends. I ate a pumpkin muffie that was free with MyPanera Rewards. I drank water. I love free outings!!

I later stopped to fill up on gas, since my van was nearing zero. I paid $3.50/gallon and bought 15.5 gallons for a total of $54.49. I last filled up on February 22, which was about 10 days ago. Luckily, because of spring break I might actually spend less money on gas later this month.

I also made my second trip to the grocery store to stock up on items I know we will need and eat the rest of the month. I stuck to my list and spent $24.13. I bought several packages of chicken, cheese, tuna, oranges and strawberries and milk. I actually should have bought more chicken. I will wait until Monday to decide if I should go back for more before the sale ends.

Beginning Balance: 457.89
Groupon Purchase: (15.00)
Grocery Purchase: (45.59)
Previous Balance: $397.30

Fuel Purchase: (54.49)
Grocery Purchase: (24.13)
New Balance: $318.68

Quite a bit of spending so far...but except for the car washes I feel it has all been necessary expenses for the month.

No Spend Month - First Round of Groceries

March 2nd, 2011 at 07:05 pm

It's a good sign when you have bought only necessary groceries and your teenage daughter arrives home from school to tell you there is nothing to eat. True story!

I went to our SuperTarget today. I do have their Red Card, but I have decided not to use it this month. I think I spend too much when I do use it. Much harder to keep track of. The savings are nice though!

I spent $45.59. I stocked up on pasta, soups, frozen vegetables, fresh vegetables, lunch box needs, sugar, flour, butter and eggs. I actually still need a few items, but I will be hitting another grocery store tomorrow to buy some of their sale items, specifically boneless skinless chicken breasts for $1.88/lb!

I made homemade brownies and then an hour later our girl scout cookies were delivered. The money for the cookies has been waiting on the fridge since January. Just want the teenager needed!

I did break down and buy the Groupon for the three cash washes today for $15. It is a very reasonable deal for something that does need to be done sometime this month.

Previous Balance: 457.89
Groupon Purchase: (15.00)
Grocery Purchase: (45.59)
New Balance: $397.30

I will be buying gas for the van soon at crazy high prices, too. See one still spends during a no spend month!!

No Spend Month - First Temptation

March 2nd, 2011 at 04:58 am

I'm am pleased to report that the first day of March was a no spend day. We found different things to eat for dinner last night. In fact two of us, were very full after dinner. We ate too much!!

This morning, I opened my email to see a Groupon offer. Previously, I told myself I would not buy any Groupon or Livingsocial deals in March. This one is for a car wash I actually use right by my house. I generally pay $10 for the wash. Today's deal is $15 for three of those same washes. That is $5 each. So tempted. My van even needs to be washed! Ugh. Any advice? Should I do it anyway? Should stay with my original plan?

I'm am hitting the grocery store today. I hope I can make good decisions about needs and wants.

The March Beginnings

March 1st, 2011 at 11:00 am

Here we are at March. And it's payday. We added $1,304 to our truck savings fund. Our new balance is $5,860. We are getting close to half of the goal!!

As I mentioned in the two previous posts, I will be attempting to do a no spend month. This isn't really no spend as much as less spend. Spend only on necessities and required bills. It is a chance to evaluate all expenses. Especially the variable ones.

I don't have expectations that this will work out perfect, but I will do my best. I plan to share the twists and turns along the way.

Until March 15, our next payday, there is $457.89 in our checking account. This is the money allocated toward spending. This is a similar amount we start with each pay period when DH is not home. I hope to spend considerably less than this amount.

I have not specifically stocked up in advance for this adventure, however, I do have my homemade laundry detergent, plenty of toilet paper, hair products, toothpaste, feminine needs, dryer sheets, and cat litter.

I am very low on food. Last night I actually ate a child's microwavable meal that has been in the freezer for weeks! The girls had other various leftovers. Today I used up a rotisserie chicken on my sandwich. I think we can make it one more evening without going to the store for necessities. One item I know I need this week is plastic sandwich bags for school lunches.

My major exception for this month is my daughter's birthday. It is much later in the month, but I will need to buy her gifts and a food treat at the very least. I will use the same checking account money mentioned above.

Here's to a no spend, less spend month!

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