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Mostly Free Landscaping

September 8th, 2010 at 05:01 pm

This week I'm working on our landscaping. The primary motivation was to get three rose bushes that I bought for $5 each planted. I only bought them in June!! Time to get on it.

We also have five very large hostas in our front landscaping that were taking up way too much space. The previous owner planted them and they were much to large for the space. I dug them all out. They weigh at least 20 pounds each!! Right now they are waiting in my back yard to be split and replanted. I have to wait to dig back there. It is possible there are power lines of some sort. I want to make sure before I start digging. Smart of me, right?

Turns out my neighbor has some much smaller hostas she offered me for free!! These have now been planted in my front landscaping bed where I took out the large hostas. These look much much better. I now need to buy mulch for this bed. Darn, spending is involved. However, I'm not in a rush.

I did buy fertilizer today. I will put it down tomorrow. Can you believe I haven't put any fertilizer down all season? We had so much rain and the lawn stayed green all summer and had no trouble growing.

It's almost time to take down the garden fence and stakes. There are a couple of small pumpkins that need a little more time. Otherwise it's all done for the season. It wasn't the best season for our garden, but we enjoyed what we did get.

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