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Reuse = Repurpose

May 23rd, 2010 at 05:16 pm

I did some sewing yesterday and today. I primarily made a couple of new things. However, the other one was a used item that I repurposed into something else. I made a tote bag or reusable shopping bag out of a t shirt!

The t shirt was a Life is Good shirt that unfortunately met it's match by my cat's claws. Yep, the one in the picture. She looks so innocent, too. She just doesn't like to be picked up. The claw holes just made it unwearable.

I turned the shirt outside in and stitched up the bottom of the shirt. Turned it right side out again. I cut the sleeves and the collar off. I also trimmed the back of the shirt down to match the front collar. I now have a new tote bag...for free!!

I also used an old gift card as a scrapper earlier today. What kinds of things have you repurposed?

3 Responses to “Reuse = Repurpose”

  1. elisabeth Says:

    old towel (if it has a hole) cut into wash clothes, old socks for dusting (put your hand in the sock)

  2. ceejay74 Says:

    AS makes "T-shirt quilts" occasionally. She cuts the front and back out of a dozen or so shirts in a large square. Then sews them together and sews them to a flannel sheet to make it thick & soft. She made one for a friend who had all these nostalgic T-shirts that he wanted to keep, but didn't wear anymore and didn't have the storage space for. He mailed her the shirts and got this quilt the next time he was in town. He was so touched and happy!

    She has also made books into purses, a bag into a shirt, and once (famously) USED--laundered--baby wipes into a dress. (They were only used for #1, so it didn't gross me out to wear it--in fact everyone commented how stylish it was!) I could only wear it once because it lost its shape after that, but it was quite the conversation piece. Smile

  3. Homebody Says:

    old towels for swiffer floor wipes.

    My sewing machine broke this weekend in the middle of sewing a quilt for my former elderly neighbor! DH took it in today, hopefully fixed by Wednesday. Hope it is not too much to fix!

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