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I Forgot About this Money

April 28th, 2017 at 11:30 am

I have some various topics I'm sharing today. And one is a bit personal and some may not want to read. I'll give a warning.

went to transfer the latest $3 sent to me from Pinecone from my PayPal account to our savings account today and realized I had far more money in there! The balance was $165.65! Now once I saw it I did know that the money was from my eBay sales and a few other surveys completed since the first of the year. I did go ahead and transfer the full balance to our savings and flagged the money in YNAB to go to our Big Goal.

I'm still hanging most of our laundry to dry. I say most because I have found towels really do need some time in the dryer. And today, I needed to wash and dry sheets and towels since my daughter had been ill last night. If I could dry outside, I would but I figured drying inside doesn't full kill any bacteria like a dryer would. So two loads have gone through the dryer today. Luckily that is not the norm!

My husband is going away to school this summer for some training on a new job for the Army. He will be about five hours away, so we think he can drive home few times. His housing is covered in full so that is a huge relief to me. He will also be getting per diem for food and incidentals amounting to $1966.50 for the first 28 days. He will need to get his own food, and because he is in a hotel we aren't sure if there will be a way to cook meals. I think he wants to just figure it out once he gets there. I like to know these things ahead. He does know I would love to save some of the money, preferably half or more. He has a second class that I think is for two months in the same location, and we expect, but can't confirm yet, that this one will pay a similar per diem for each month. Oh, and he will get mileage for one trip to the location and one trip home. That could end up being around $300. But of course, we would take the gas cost out of that. The travel claims will be submitted by him at the end of each course.

It's 90 degrees and humid here in the Southeast today. The air conditioning is running. I actually have to be out in it this evening as the marching band is holding a fund raiser. I'm not looking forward to the bill that comes when the air conditioning starts running regularly. Maybe my lack of dryer use this summer will help.

Our garden is looking good, minus the lettuce, which is getting a very slow start from seed. Everything else looks pretty good so far, including the sugar snap peas I started from seed. My daughter is thrilled to see the beginnings of 9 strawberries on her plants.

Here's the personal part....but is related to savings and not too detailed at all.

And finally, I wanted to give an update on using my menstrual cup and using reusable pads. I have used the menstrual cup before for many years and then took a break for whatever reason. I'm now not sure what it was. I'm glad I have gone back primarily because it is more comfortable than tampons and it manages my heavy flow far better. I bought mine for less than $10 on Amazon using Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks. That was two months (cycles) ago. Early last month I used more Amazon gift cards to purchase five reusable pads that were listed at $19.99 when I bought them. But free after my efforts on Swagbucks. I only used the pads for back up and for very light days, so I had no issue with absorption. I may experiment and report back on a heavier flow day, but for now I super happy with this for the savings, comfort, and environment reasons.

I'm still on the look out for finding ways to save on our expenses. It's a bit slow going, but I'm determined to keep making progress and make a dent in our Big Goal.

6 Responses to “I Forgot About this Money ”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    I know you're more of a natural-remedies gal, but I had to mention this. I take tranexamic acid during my periods and it drastically cuts down on the pain and the flow. I've had zero negative side effects and it works pretty well even if I forget to take the full dosage (three times a day) and only take it once or twice a day.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Thanks ceejay...I will keep it in mind, but I do prefer more natural remedies. My heavy flow isn't painful and doesn't interfere with my life enough to need that, but I'm sure someone may be helped by your sharing. I'm glad you are happy with your decision.

  3. My English Castle Says:

    Ninety degrees seems wild to me; we had frost on the windshields here this morning, and I think ceejay may've seen a few flurries yesterday. How does your DH manage the per diem, CCF? It's a hard balance being away between wanting to save some of it and making the time away a bit better.

  4. ceejay74 Says:

    Yep, saw the flurries, glared at them, tried to ignore them. Wink Today it was nice enough to walk home from work -- 3 miles, and by the end I had my light fall coat and my hat off and was sweating a bit!

  5. creditcardfree Says:

    @MEC, that's the issue...how my husband manages his per diem!! Although, we don't get the money until the end, so actually money spent is out of our own cash, so I expect I can try to hold him to a budget out of regular income. Maybe we can bank the whole thing. There will be a discussion with him before he leaves so we are on the same page. Smile

  6. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I was going to comment on the 90 degrees ... I have my winter clothes back out ...

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