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Received Payment

August 3rd, 2013 at 08:05 am

I received payment from an Ebay sale that ended on Sunday. Finally! It is hard to wait when you have no communication with the buyer. If I had to delay payment I would likely tell the seller WHEN I expect to pay. It just seems like a courteous thing to do. My profit is likely only a few dollars. I haven't mailed it yet, or paid my fees.

I received 100 Swagbucks yesterday from customer support for sending in my complaint about the content on some of the videos. I was assured that they intend Swagbucks to be G rated, or was it PG? They gave me the bonus SBs for my time and effort. Nice, huh? Did anyone else complain and get compensated?

2 Responses to “Received Payment”

  1. Wino Says:

    I've done only about 40 purchases via eBay. I always pay within minutes of the auction ending, or immediately if it is a "Buy it now."

    I've stopped using eBay, though due to many factors. One is the feedback model. I had a seller absolutely LIE in his response to the ONLY negative feedback I've ever given. There is no recourse for me to counter the lie. So now I am in a bad light from anyone who looks at my submittal and his lying response.

    I feel libeled, and I have no recourse. I've bought nothing from eBay since that time, and won't buy again.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Although when I have purchased on eBay, it might not have been within minutes, I have always contacted the seller with a few hours. I've concluded some folks, not just eBayers, don't understand communication. I have a friend who doesn't respond to emails unless he wants something. We were supposed to meet with some other friends and the invitation had been emailed out...the person who did the inviting wasn't sure if he was coming or not. Just not very polite!

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