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I Can't Help Talking About It

September 29th, 2009 at 07:12 am

Last night I received final numbers from my husband regarding his recent trip spending. Originally, I thought we'd get $300. Then I lowered my estimate based on his spending to $110. The actual number we will receive appears to be $271.68!

We are just waiting for the travel vouchers to be approved. Within a day or two we should have the cash! At the same time, we will receive the money we paid for that incorrect airline ticket. That amount is $644.00.

Here's the cash update:

$100 couch sale
$10 wood shelf sale
$150 excess funds from current paycheck
$888 excess funds Oct 1 paycheck
$644 army to refund an airline ticket
$271 per diem excess
Total $2,063

You might have noticed that the amount above is MORE than what we need to pay back our emergency fund for those braces. This could be completed this week...depending on that travel money payment!!

What a relief to see the end in sight!

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