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I've waited 10 weeks for this..

June 30th, 2008 at 05:39 pm

Anyone remember way back to April when we bought our new HDTV at cost from my BIL? We'll today the $200 rebate finally came in the mail.

I've never had a rebate come back so slowly. Or, maybe I have. When it's $200, you keep track of it just a little closer than if it was $2.00. Well, I do anyway.

Thrilled to finally have it, too. It is arriving at a great time, with a few travel trips ahead of us and a birthday this weekend. Just a nice cushion of cash to have available if needed.

I would really like to see it go to the home equity loan, but I will need to wait to see how a few things shake out.

Off to put it into the bank...via online deposit. I love it!!

1 Responses to “I've waited 10 weeks for this..”

  1. klbb90 Says:

    I've had large rebates take 16 weeks. But I think you are right that you keep track of the bigger ones more closely. If you lose $2 you might not like it but $200 would hurt big time.

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