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Other Savings in April

May 1st, 2017 at 09:22 am

My post last night chronicled the savings we made happen towards our Big Goal. Almost $900!

But guess what? We saved money towards other things too. We saved $845 in my husband's TSP account, and $500 each ($1000 total) in our Roth IRA accounts. We skipped a month for cash flow reasons earlier this year, but this will max us out in our Roth IRAs this year. This savings is all set up automatically, which makes it so easy.

We also set aside money in short term savings for upcoming purchases. We saved $250 for a cell phone, $982.50 towards summer tuition, $190 for band fees, $42 for birthdays, $50 for Christmas, $153 towards auto, renters insurance and car registration, and $200 for car repairs.

And I see I put over $900 towards emergency fund, but that may end up in another spot because we really do already have plenty in our emergency fund.

It's been a very good savings month! Now let's see what I can make happen in May. Smile

1 Responses to “Other Savings in April”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    Great job! It's nice to see it all together, huh? I have several different savings streams and I don't often think of the cumulative effect of them: automatic 401(k) for me and NT with every paycheck; quarterly SEP contributions for AS that I save up for by setting aside money every time she gets a check; automatic monthly Roth contributions designed to max all three of us out by end of year; savings toward renovations and travel (every time AS gets a check or we have a budget surplus or windfall, I put 1/3 of the net toward reno and 1/3 to travel); and putting the net UK rental income into savings toward our EF. It really adds up!

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