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Lowering Electricity Costs

March 14th, 2017 at 11:49 am

Our electricity bill arrived today in my inbox (do people still get these in the mail?). I'm glad to say it is down again from the month prior to $164.92.

In fact compared to last March it is down as well. That $300+ bill two months ago brought home the fact that we could do better when it comes to our electricity use.

I'm going to guess most of the electricity is from heating (except for a gas fireplace, the home is all electric). We are in another cold snap, so we'll see what the next bill looks like!

I've made an effort to make sure we are skipping the water heating for washing clothes. I also unplugged my daughter's Wii U and shut down my husband's computer. The computer was probably drawing some power since it's battery doesn't really hold a charge very well and DH generally just puts it to sleep rather than full shut down mode.

My next step is to start experimenting with drying our clothes without the dryer. I will probably use it for 5 minutes for each load to give the clothes a head start on drying. We already do hang some graphic T shirts (since the designs fade and crack in the dryer) and fleece items (since they dry fast). I figure this will be quite helpful in keeping electricity costs down, while also keeping more heat out of our home this summer.

My first plan is to avoid buying anything, but I may need to buy a drying rack. I cannot put up a clothes line per our neighborhood covenants (sometimes these rules irritate me!).

I might also look into a water heater blanket, but possibly not until fall as it will be hot here very soon. Our water heater is in our unheated garage so I can imagine that is not very efficient.

Do you use your dryer? What do you do to conserve electricity?

7 Responses to “Lowering Electricity Costs”

  1. NJDebbie Says:

    We barely use our dryer and all clothes are hanged on racks in our spare room. Sheets and big items will go on the basement line (our basement is warm and doesn't not smell). I tend to use the dryer in the spring because of the pollen and other allergens. This saves us quite of bit of money and our electric bill is the highest during Christmas time (about $90). Otherwise, it's usually $70 or less.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    I use a dryer, but sometimes on things like towels, I wash them one day and let them sit until the next in the washer before putting them in the dryer.That extra day sitting seems to wick a little of the moisture out and less drying time. I also hung a shower curtain rod (our laundry room isn't very wide) and hang shirts on it to dry on hangers. I have some hangers for slacks.

    I know it isn't a lot, but I unplug whatever small kitchen appliances we have. I make coffee about every day, but unplug it after drinking what I want and any extra I put in a Mason jar in the fridge. Sometimes I just heat up the stuff leftover in the Mason jar instead of brewing a new batch.

  3. Kiki Says:

    I try to unplug everything I am not using at that minute that doesn't need to stay plugged in - thank goodness for electric bars that can hold 4-6 things plugged in at a time!

    I use the dryer for 10 minutes - long enough to get the static cling thing around in the dryer a few times and then everything gets hung up to finish drying. I have a drying rack I love from Ikea - I think I paid 15 dollars for it - that can hold 2 loads of laundry. I use it a lot from the spring through the fall (spring in the house to avoid the pollen or else white cloths are yellow) I can do a quick load before I leave the house and by the time I am home for lunch it is dry. I love sun dried sheets!

  4. Wink Says:

    I have also substantially reduced using the dryer. The only things I use the dryer for now are sheets and towels. And I do a few minutes on jeans then take them out to finish drying. I recently started unplugging things, reduced the thermostat setting another degree, and I only use the dishwasher when I have people over and have a LOT of dishes. I live by myself so it's easy to just hand wash what I use every day. My last utility bill was (I think) about $8 less then last month so I think all these small things are adding up!

  5. snafu Says:

    Our electric rates are highest in this country so I'm always looking for ways to moderate use.Your clothes dryer is likely the most expensive appliance to operate. We only wash sheets, pillow cases and towels in hot water, clothes and incidentals in cold water to preserve color. Only run the DW when full and after 7 PM when rates are lower. We use power bars mostly to preserve appliances and computer from power surges but also to end phantom use.
    https://www.wayfair.ca/Woolite-Collapsible-Wall-Drying-Rack-YEU1010.html is efficient. I hang apparel to dry on hangers after 3-5 minutes in dryer for convenience. We are not allowed to hang wash outside but in summer I've a rod attached to the balcony back wall, invisible outside our condo for sheets. I think there are several lists for saving KWH.

  6. VS_ozgirl Says:

    We barely use our dryer, we have an outside clothes line which is covered by a pergola so we don't have to worry too much about rain. In winter though the clothes are constantly damp so I find that we use the clothes horse inside under heating vents. These days we pretty much only use the dryer if we are very time poor and need clothes dried asap. However as we have a hot tub, the electricity savings of not using the dryer are probably sucked up by keeping the hot tub running!

  7. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Do you have a buy nothing group in your area? Or maybe post an ISO on Craisist for a inside drying rack.

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