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Soup, Sewing & Southwest

January 24th, 2017 at 06:30 pm

I ate soup two times today. That one is now gone. I have two other kinds in the freezer, which we will likely eat later this week. It feels like we are doing pretty good with the food overall.

I did my sewing today. I made two keychains and four little tissue covers. I put links to the instructions I used, if you are interested. I've made the key chains before. The tissue covers were new for me to sew, but they are super easy!

I heard from Southwest Airlines that they will refund the Early Bird fee I paid. This was for a flight that they cancelled when my daughter was trying to get back to school. That is $15 back in my pocket. I also read that Southwest Rapids Rewards program is changing a policy about transferring hotel loyalty rewards to their program AND allowing it to count for the Companion Pass. They have extended the grace period so they can count until March 31, 2017. We have started using our Southwest card again and are hoping to rack up enough qualifying points to make this possible. We have Marriott Rewards that could make this happen much easier. Now that I know the deadline, I may consider moving some of the rewards to help make this happen. Here is the post on Southwest's website.

I was tempted to run out for a couple things today, but decided they could wait. I will need to go to the post office tomorrow or Thursday to mail the gifts. I will pick up those few items at that time, thus saving some gas and time!

Although, I'm remembering I did spend some money today. I ordered an item for my daughter for her birthday in March. She gave the hint last week, and the item could run out...maybe. I decided since I had money in the birthday account to just get it done!

I also opened up a Youth Checking account for our youngest daughter today. I had to put in a $25 minimum deposit. I figure my daughter can write me a check to pay me back as a good way to start understanding check writing. I think she probably already knows, just hasn't actually done it herself.

4 Responses to “Soup, Sewing & Southwest”

  1. snafu Says:

    I'm guessing cheque writing will soon be gone since transferring sums is merely a few computer clicks and works fine between different institutions and even between CU and bank or investment plan like Vanguard and account. There is 'mobile' banking which uses a photo from cell phone to deposit or pay-out. We know use 'tap' for CC purchases, I wonder when money will disappear!

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    I definitely agree that check writing is of minimal use these days. But one still has to write them occasionally. I suppose yes, she could transfer the funds to us as well.

  3. rob62521 Says:

    Our check writing has diminished quite a bit since I pay so many bills online, but there are a few things still. Years ago our previous bank decided we had to buy our checks so I started putting everything on my credit card and then just writing one check for most of it. Notice I said previous bank. DH kept saying we shouldn't change banks and I kept saying that loyalty doesn't mean anything. He has seen since the light and we get free checks at our current bank.

    Liked your sewing projects...thanks for posting links!

  4. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I sometimes fill out the checks for people at the bus station. (They sign)
    We get quite a few checks actually.

    Glad you got the $15 back!

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