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Economics & More

November 12th, 2016 at 04:01 pm

I hope this is my last post in regards to the election, but I think economic factors were a big issue for many voters. I remembered being a part of a forum discussion where the OP was pointing out how hard it was to find a job in her small town. Here is the link if you want to read. If you haven't driven through the farm fields or stopped in a small town, it may be hard to imagine what life is like. Some of them you really wonder why people even stay there. But again, that link is a glimpse into how it is like for some people.

Today we splurged and went to another movie: The Accountant. It was violent, but a VERY good story line in my opinion. We ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant just prior. Very yummy and inexpensive food.

Prior to eating lunch we had run a couple errands. My husband got a used book, and I had a credit to cover the full amount. I picked up gum, and cleaning supplies at Home Depot with a gift card. I bought an iTunes gift card there also, but they wouldn't let me buy it with a gift card. I tried!

We also began looking at cell phones at Verizon. We didn't fall in love with any. My husband said if his screen wasn't giving him such issues he would be willing to stay with his phone. We may consider trying to replace the screen ourselves like we did with his Samsung Tablet. I'm sure it would be cheaper than buying new phones. I need to consider long and hard about moving from my Android phone to an iPhone. I have a MacBook Pro and would love them to be more in sync with each other.

Almost time to watch our favorite college football team. I'm going to try to work on a photo book while I watch. Not sure I can do both, but I'm going to try.

2 Responses to “Economics & More”

  1. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    How was the accountant to dr strange? I am still dying to see Dr strange.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    LAL, it is hard to compare the two! I'd see both again if that helps. The Accountant is a mystery or like a puzzle and I love those type of movies!

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