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High School Marching Band Fees

May 24th, 2016 at 10:22 am

The fees for marching band are going up this year by $50. Last year we paid $250 for our Fair Share of marching band costs. This year, the price is $300. Our first installment of $50 is due by June 1st. The Fair Share covers a new summer uniform of shorts and t shirt, color guard uniforms, props, field paint, truck rentals, and the cost to transport our students to away games and competitions.

Last year we had to buy marching band shoes, but they are in fine shape and still fit, so that is one expense we do not have this next season.

I signed up to help sell apparel at home games. I believe this will get me into the games I help at free, usually cost is $7 per person. I might see if my husband wants to help to and skip that expense for him. We will still have admission for away games and competitions.

1 Responses to “High School Marching Band Fees”

  1. laura Says:

    I always sort of cringed at the ding to the pocketbook when we'd have a lot of us gong to the football games to see my daughter dance ($7 for adults/$5 for students). Sometimes $34 for all of us. I think they should have had a family pass or family admission.

    Great idea to help sell apparel! My daughter sadly isn't on the pom squad this year and is going back to Irish dance.

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