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Spending Yesterday and YNAB

October 25th, 2015 at 08:32 am

We spent $22 to fill our van before our trip. I would guess we have the same amount of fuel we had before we left. Luckily that should get me through the week. It seems it is also time for an oil change and other routine maintenance on my van. Will get that done in early November.

Admission to the band competition was $10 each. So a crisp $20 bill out of the wallet. They did include a program which many other schools sell for $5.

We left after my daughter performed and before the awards to eat at Subway. We spent $14 there. This was basically lunch and dinner for us.

Our final expense for the day was a trip to Trader Joe's. We bought two canisters of coffee, two pumpkin bread mixes, crackers, a red pepper spread, pumpkin butter, two frozen stuffed mushroom appetizers a cheese cake and ginger cookies. The total bill was $50. These aren't exactly items we put on our every day list, but they are some treats we like to indulge in when we get to shop at Trader Joe's. I think it has been nearly three years since we shopped at one. We already made coffee this morning and my daughter opened the pumpkin butter. I'm incorporating one package of stuffed mushrooms into a meal later this week.

All of our spending has been recorded in YNAB. My husband noticed yesterday when he recorded our Subway expense that we went over our restaurant budget. Yep. I didn't expect we would go more than once. But I did budget eating out for band competitions into the entertainment category. So the beauty of YNAB is I can adjust where this expense actually falls. I can either increase restaurants by the amount we spent (and decrease it in the entertainment budget) or change the expense to the entertainment category rather than restaurants. YNAB[/url=http://ynab.refr.cc/M52KHR8] refers to this as rol... working for you? Anyone about to start a trial or make a purchase?

6 Responses to “Spending Yesterday and YNAB”

  1. snafu Says:

    I hope you enjoyed the band competition. Since you are planing to have the van serviced in November, I wondered how SA participants managed vehicle maintenance. The maintenance 'log' [record] came with the 2.5 y/o SUV when purchased so
    it's been easy peasy to continue based on warranty, synthetic oil & mileage factors. The mechanic leaves a tiny sticker on the far left of the windshield showing the recommended figure as a handy reminder.

    Do you or others follow you vehicle's recommended schedule or use a log?


  2. creditcardfree Says:

    snafu, our van does tell us by maintenance reminder codes and our manual when services should be done. If only, the dealerships would follow it as well...seems they are always recommending extra services. We nearly always say no because we know when the services should be done based on the manual. I really need to put everything on a log that is more easily reference than each receipt! Thanks for the link. I'm going to put this on my list of things I need to get organized by year end. Smile

  3. Kiki Says:

    I downloaded YNAB yesterday to try the trial version. Have all my categories set up and the budget - because I already use a very detailed budget in excel. I am not sure yet if I will purchase it or not.

  4. creditcardfree Says:

    kiki, I, along with others might like to hear your opinion of it regardless of your decision.

  5. Kiki Says:

    I started two budgets one for my personal spending and one for my house and pet sitting business. I put in all the categories that were already in my excel spreadsheets for both budgets.

    In the business budget I put current balance in my checking account and then I put in what my expected receipts are through the end of the year for the November and December budgets based on reservations I already have to play with income/spending projections.

    From each planned deposit I made an entry deducting the 10% business expense savings and the 25% IRA savings from each payment and made those go to those off budget accounts. I also put in the end of year expenses I know are coming including business license, memberships, insurance for next year, etc. This allows me to see what I am expected to have on hand each month to the end of the year. I won't actually make any purchases or spend money until I have the money in the account but looking forward I like a lot. And there is already money there to cover all expected purchases but I already knew that.

    I like that I can make entries easily and delete it if the client cancels their trip.

    I like it as a forecasting tool for the business. I was good about making sure I always had money for what I wanted to do but this is a nicer, neater package versus what I was already doing.

    And I need to remember that the business checking account needs to have $500 all the time or else I get charged a fee. So there will always be that amount not allocated.

    What I need to figure out:
    Can I print an end of the year report that shows all the money I have paid out, collected, disbursed to business expense account, to IRA savings, etc.? Not just monthly but for the end of the year.

    Can I print a report that includes the comments I have in the budget itself? For instance I pay the association one check for $200 that is for several items (membership, insurance, bonding etc.). I put the individual amounts in the note for that payment – can I print it out so I know what I paid for each payment portion?

    For my personal budget I only get paid once a month from the state. I started with what is the current balance in my check book and then put in my paycheck for November 1 to start the November budget. I made all the same categories in the YNAB as my excel spreadsheet. Many months half of the categories won’t have anything but there is a place holder ready. I made all my savings accounts off budget because I save each month for the car insurance, car repair, glasses/contacts purchase, vacation, etc.

    I also put in my credit card debt (at zero%) that I built up when I bought the house. I could pay it off but it has over a year interest free. I divided up the payments so it will be paid off in 12 months.

    The other income I earn I will begin putting into the YNAB software for future months spending. I usually would just put it to savings but if I get to the buffer I need faster I am ok with that. The money will still be allocated to savings once it is “spent” anyway.

    There is still some playing around to do and I don’t know if I would ever get to the level of entering every transaction into the software. I rarely use my debit card for purchases I use cash for almost everything. For instance I allocate $250/month for groceries and take it out at the beginning of the month in cash. I can’t imagine actually putting in each purchase. Maybe I would get there some day but not any time soon.

  6. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Kiki = I'm not sure if you can print things/reports from YNAB. It's not something I've ever wanted/needed to do. Good question though.

    Okay ... I played around with it a little bit, and it looks like it will print whatever screen you have opened at that moment. IOW - if you want to print a report showing spending in select categories, you would create a report selecting those categories, and then you can print it out. Not sure if that is what you are needing or not though.

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