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Our Recent Citi Charges

March 28th, 2015 at 09:05 am

I started the year with a balance of $686.27 on the Citi card and managed to get it down to $636.27 making minimum $25 payments in January and February. Then in March we started using the card as our primary and have added quite a bit of big expenses.

Two airline tickets $638.40
Eye glasses DD1 $354.00
Eye glasses DD2 $214.95

And lots of miscellaneous to the tune of at least $800. The current balance is $2,789.75. That is after making several payments totaling $905! I have plans on payday to pay DD2 glasses in full, $145 in snowflake money towards the original balance, plus another $785+ towards the miscellaneous. I may also pay the airline tickets out of savings...and eventually pay that back when we get our Dislocation allowance money from the government, which won't likely be until after the girls and I move.

So that card is a mess! It is a bit stressful too. It is the only card we are using, except for Discover until the end of March for 5% cash back on gas. The Citi card has 0%, but I think just until the end of June. I need to check on that!

I will get a handle on it, likely using some savings if needed. I won't let it accrue interest...because I hate that. Smile I'll update more once I actually get those payments made on Wednesday (payday).

5 Responses to “Our Recent Citi Charges”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I'm sure you'll figure out a good plan. Smile

  2. rob62521 Says:

    My money is on you doing what is best.

  3. snafu Says:

    As soon as you determine the final date for 0% interest expires, I figure you'll merely set up electronic payment for the sum outstanding two business days in advance t's due date. Do you already know how they handle 5% cash back for gas? Our 'Momentum' card 5% for gas, food and repetitive charges like cable, phone, insurance etc. [3% for other purchases] only pays out annually, in November.

    Do you think cancelling a credit card affects your FICO score?

  4. creditcardfree Says:

    @snafu, found out the 0% interest expires in October 2015, so a little more room to breathe. I make payments when I have 'snowflake money' and every payday which is twice per month, so never a due date issue.

    Discover pays out the cash back monthly on the statement closing date. I had the most recent cash credited to the balance, but then made a similar payment amount to the Citi card.

    Cancelling a credit card account does affect FICO scores because you have a different amount of debt available. I'm not concerned about our score in the least.

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